How Much Will The Divorce Proceedings Cost in Indonesia ?

When it comes to the cost of divorce, there are two main factors to take into account, which are the court fees and the legal fees. The court fees are fixed, but the legal fees largely depends on the complexity of the case and the lawyer’s fee.

Therefore, it is not easy to determine the cost of divorce, but understanding the difference between professional legal fees and court awarded costs (court fees) is important. Do take note that there are different procedures for Muslim and non-Muslim couples, as Muslim divorce proceedings will take place at the Syariah court.

The more complicated a divorce case is, such as, if both parties cannot agree on the division of assets, if financial support is required, or children custody is involved, the more expensive the legal fees will tend to be. A lawyer’s fee can also depend on their seniority and level of experience.

Though you may not need to appoint a lawyer when filing for a divorce, this may be the advisable course of action when a Contested Divorce requires a court hearing. Though this will then incur more cost, at least you have a lawyer to guide you through the tricky process.

A joint petition, on the other hand will cost less. This means when a couple mutually agrees to divorce therefore it will be less complex, and as such the legal fees will be lower. In fact, if you can come to an agreement about financials, matrimonial assets and the arrangements for children, you may not have to attend a court hearing at all, potentially saving you millions s of rupiah.

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